A twenty-something trying to make her life a little more charming


These are a lot of questions I get asked in real-life on a pretty frequent basis so I figured I'd answer it now and save you the pain.

Dinah. You'll find it out anyway, one way or another, so my name is Dinah, pronounced like Dee-nah.

Twenty-something. I don't like discussing my age because I feel a lot older than I really am.

July 8

I really do not see the intrigue with my ethnicity, but I get asked this a lot. My family is Egyptian, but our bloodline is traced back to Turkey, which explains why I am not very Saharan in appearance. For all intensive purposes, I was born and raised in America and identify strongly with Western culture.

How much do you weigh?

How tall are you?
Tall enough.

What is this blog even about?
Centered around alternative beauty and fashion but also incredibly personal. I am not so much reporting recent trends as much as common elements in the way I dress. Also, day-to-day shenanigans.

What do I do about [incredibly specific beauty/fashion/health problem]?
Because the blogger platform is difficult to respond to, I really recommend asking these questions on my Tumblr or, if it's too personal, emailing me.

Should I buy [random beauty product] or [random beauty product]?
Ahhh. Ask on my Tumblr. But I honestly don't have much expertise with mature skin, anti-aging or dry skin products. But it never hurts to ask. On. My. Tumblr.

Why are you so rude/such a bitch/etc...?
I find it rude that you based your entire assessment on my personality on a few moments of Internet glory/drunken ranting.